How to Set Up a Facebook Retargeting (Remarketing) Campaign

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You’re window shopping on Amazon, trying to find the best deals.   You land on a product page and everything seems to check out, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to buy yet.   Maybe you don’t have your credit card on you or maybe the deal just isn’t quite good enough.   After navigating away from the site and start seeing advertisements everywhere for that exact same product.   Creepy? I don’t think […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Callout AdWords Extension [Examples Included]

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In 2014 Google announced that it would be adding callout extensions for all AdWords accounts.   At first, the announcement really didn’t make much of a splash with AdWords users.   I mean, do we really need another ad extension to deal with?   A lot of advertisers (Tekli included) assumed that AdWords would have no real impact on campaigns and quickly see itself to the dustbin.   Well, it looks like we were wrong. […]

How to Get Started Selling on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

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You’ve decided to start selling on Amazon.   Congratulations.   This is a great first step toward building your ecommerce empire.   Getting started selling on Amazon can be a bit tricky to figure out. With so many options for your account and Amazon operations, it can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of whats right for your business.   Lucky for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting and built out a great guide […]

Is Social the New Search? Here’s a Quick Breakdown

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It’s been said that more people are moving to social media as the preferred search method.   Instead of looking up a specific brand name on Google or Bing, web visitors are often starting their search where these brands are the most active.     Now is that actually true? Are users really searching first on Facebook before they ever land on Google?   Are People Actually Using Facebook as a Search Tool? While users […]

3 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks to your Product Page

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3 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks to your Product Page Gorgeous pictures, immaculate copy, and tons of great reviews.   The product page is where the magic happens.   Next to the home page, your product pages are the most important for your website’s success.   Every backlink strategy for an ecommerce brand should always start with the product page. These are the most important pages to rank for on SERP because they drive […]

Featured Store: GenTech Nutrition

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Featured Store: GenTech Nutrition   In this interview, we feature David Duncan, CEO of GenTech Nutrition.   How did you get started with GenTech Nutrition?   So that’s an interesting story…   I was at NC State trying to play football. My goal was to eventually make it to the pros.   During that process, I was training a ton—at least six hours a day. I was constantly sore. And if you know much about […]

125 Top Product Review Blogs (By Category)

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125 Top Product Review Blogs (By Category)   For the ecommerce store, product reviews are a precious commodity.   They provide social currency which help put your customers at ease and give them guidance as they make purchasing decisions.   On Amazon reviews even help you to outrank and outmaneuver your competitors—so long as they are positive. Product reviews on prominent blogs specific to your niche they can get your product in front of thousands […]

How to Create Content Around your Buyer’s Journey

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Ever wondered why your blog posts seemed to fall flat? Why didn’t they increase the number of customers even though so much hard work was put in?   You’ve done your keyword research, hitting all the right buzzwords and even have a snazzy headline—why isn’t this blog post converting?   The biggest reason why content fails to convert visitors into customers is lack of planning around where it connects with the customer along their path […]

How Using Definite Language Can Increase Your CTR 25% – A Case Study

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How Using Definite Language Can Increase Your CTR 25% – A Case Study Ever wondered if you could increase your Click Through Rate in a few easy steps?   Its easy to think you might be overlooking something right in front of you.   In the two case studies below we experimented with the language used in our CTAs—holding other variables constant. We ran our experiments with our client Stencil Stop, an ecommerce company that […]

How to Use Content Marketing to Get Clients to your Store

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Use Content Marketing to Get Clients to your Store   Content marketing is a buzz phrase you’ll hear a lot these days, and for good reason: it works. Content marketing, like all marketing, works best when it’s done properly. If you’re looking to use it to drive clients to your store, here are a few ways you can achieve this.   You’ve probably already noticed that most businesses are increasing their investment in content marketing […]